Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nerve Cowboy Open Submissions

Straight from the source:

We do not take submissions through e-mail.
We respond quickly--within 8-12 weeks--so please no simultaneous submissions.
Previously published work is OK to send if you tell us where it has appeared, so we can properly acknowledge those good folks.
Pays one copy upon publication.
IMPORTANT! If you're new to Nerve Cowboy (and that's great), we exhort you to get ahold of a copy first to see what we're up to. (For example, our name notwithstanding, we're not a cowboy-themed magazine.) An easy and fun way to do this is to send a mere $6 bucks to the address above, along with your mailing address, and we'll zip a sample copy right out to you.

Mail your submissions to:
Joseph Shields and Jerry Hagins, Editors
Nerve Cowboy
PO Box 4973
Austin, Texas 78765

For more details go to:

Good luck to all who submit, please stop in tomorrow for more Poetry Tips…

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j.b said...

Love Nerve Cowboy! Best journal out there, bar none. Been a loyal reader for a 14 years now.