Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rattle Open Submissions

Quoted directly from the source:

We like poems of any length. Try to send several poems as opposed to a single piece, but no more than five or six at a time. We're looking for poems that move us, pieces that might make us laugh or cry, or teach us something new. Though most of the poems that we publish tend to be free verse, that doesn't mean we don't like traditional forms. We read a lot of poems, and only those that are unique, insightful, and musical stand out. Since our issues include about 80-100 pages of poetry, one of the main things we're looking for is diversity; we have enough room to be eclectic, and we plan on using it. So while most magazines suggest reading their back issues to get a sense of what they like to publish, we'd suggest reading to get a sense of what we're having trouble finding--if you notice a style or subject matter that we don't seem to be publishing, send us that!
Required Information
If possible place this information on each piece submitted:
Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email address
In addition send a short bio of the author. Your bio should tell us who you are and why you love poetry. Our bios section is something that makes issues of RATTLE unique, and many say it's as fun to read as the poetry itself. Bios should be in the first person, and follow the format of this sample:
Erik Campbell: "One afternoon in the summer of 1994 I was driving to work and I heard Garrison Keillor read Stephen Dunn's poem "Tenderness" on The Writer's Almanac. After he finished the poem I pulled my car over and sat for some time. I had to. That is why I write poems. I want to make somebody else late for work." (email address goes here at the end if you'd like it included)
Bios in this form are only needed upon acceptance--it doesn't have to be included with each submission, though we would enjoy it.

Send to:
12411 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

Or via e-mail:
Paste the required information and your submission into the body of a single email message, or a single text file attachment. If you send more than one email or more than one file, we will only read the first one.
For attachments, acceptible file extensions are: .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, .TXT. and .PDF. No other file types will be opened.
Please format the subject line of the email with your name and the word "submission" to help us track it, like this:
"John Smith - Submission"
Please note that we always respond to submissions with a confirmation note, though it might take as much as a week for me to get to it. If you haven't received a confirmation after a week, email us again to make sure we got it. We receive hundreds of emails a day, and sometimes submissions get lost in the deluge. That's why it's also important that you properly format the subject line.
Send to:

Good luck to all of you who submit!

Please drop in tomorrow for more Poetry Tips…

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