Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four Way Books Open Submissions

If you have yet to publish a full-length book of poems and are wanting to try it this year, you have until March 31st to polish and bring together a book-length manuscript of poems, between 48-80 pages not including title pages to submit.

There is a $25.00 entry fee but the prize is $1000 for the winning manuscript. If you have published any chapbooks or if you’ve published in quite a few journals and/or anthologies and believe you have enough related poems to fill the manuscript guidelines then I believe you have reason enough to try your hand at submitting a full-length manuscript.

You can submit on-line (preferred by Four Way Books) or via snail mail but you must go to their web-site and follow the instructions listed there which includes filling out or down-loading and filling out their form to mail with your manuscript at:

Please also see their note that if you are in any way related to or working with Alan Shapiro that you may not be eligible to submit your manuscript this time around.

Good luck to all of you who submit!

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