Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poems Found by Poet Hound
Cypresses by Davide Trame
In England Away by Lois Williams

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Diipo said...

What would I pay for the school that will teach me?
How not to live in a past I can’t unprint
Nor in a future I can’t preprint
How to immerse myself into now and enjoy it
Without wishing for more or less
To see the clouds and not wonder when it would rain
To see a woman and not contemplate heartbreak
To have faith when in fear

To listen to the assortment of voices of nature
Birds singing, children crying and the rustle of leaves in the wind
To say thank you for even nothing
How to discern what I feel and sieve it from what I should feel
How to listen deep enough to hear the voices of silence
And see the reasons behind our reaons

To be honest with myself first and so acknowledge my limits without judgments
And do likewise with my strengths without arrogance

How not to limit my experience by putting them all into words
(Some feelings would not go into words …..Words are limited)

Not to classify my acquaintances into classes
How to experience people and not analyze them

To know at all times that nothing, nothing means the same now as later
To do the things I want to be doing and not what I should be doing
To know that knowledge makes a lot of difference but it does not necessarily make better

To substitute anxiety for gratitude
To know that I have all I have from nothing