Friday, October 30, 2009

Poetry Tips: Seek Advice

Never be afraid to seek advice from other writers, especially if you enjoy their work. While small press poets seem to be more easily accessible, it never hurts to write the ones in “the big leagues” who have a major publisher behind them. Some writers have a web-site with an e-mail address and it is a convenient way to get in touch with them, just be sure to be sincere and do not feel letdown if you do not receive a response. Sometimes e-mails get lost, or there may be so many e-mails the author or poet cannot respond quickly. Otherwise, you can always write to the publisher with the request that your letter be sent directly to the writer—I have done that and I received a response from the writer. Then of course there are plenty of blogs by writers where leaving comments is another way to connect and seek advice. If you are afraid of coming across as na├»ve or uneducated, do not let that stop you. When I first started trying to figure out how to publish I naively sent out letters to publishers asking for advice and a publisher directed me to one poet who finally responded kindly with some basic books to check out. It never hurts to ask, right?

Good luck to all who seek advice from those they admire, please drop in next week for another featured site…


Angela said...

Great post.

Lance said...

It's hard to be heard (read) by flinging a blog out to the nether. It does pay to fling out a poem to a blog, however.

Diipo said...

It's harder to get an audience than to write; but we owe humanity; we must continue to write.
I have resigned myself to the fact that I may never make a dime from poetry, anyway thanks for the advice.

Poet Hound said...

Angela: Thanks!

Lance: Nice little twist, there, and Gloom Cupboard is a good example of a blog that publishes poems so fling yours their way!

Diipo: Some places do pay their poets, Alternating Current is such a place--click on the sidebar link. Glad you liked the advice!

Anonymous said...

i edited/published a poetry zine for 10 years...130 issues...over 400 poets... was EVER happy to send a little of a feather must stick together - lest the bird not fly...!!:)
always available
tim, etcetera