Thursday, June 18, 2009

Open Submissions: The New Yorker

That’s right, I mentioned The New Yorker, think you’ve got what it takes? If so, you may send up to six poems as an attachment and be sure your subject line on the e-mail includes your name and the title of your attachment. Don’t forget to include all of your contact information in the e-mail and be forewarned that due to volume there may not be a personal response to your submission. You can send your e-mail to:

Or you can mail your poems with a self-addressed, stamped return envelope to:
Poetry Dept.
The New Yorker
4 Times Square
New York, NY 10036

The New Yorker editors also note that poets should only submit twice per year so be sure to send only your best.

Good luck to all who submit and thanks for dropping in! Please stop in tomorrow for more Poetry Tips…


Jenni Grant said...

I'm planning to submit poetry to the New Yorker this evening and I actually found your blog on the first page of a "New Yorker Poetry Submissions" Google search. Great links on your blog, by the way!

Just FYI: the New Yorker Poetry Submissions Guidelines states that the attachment should be titled as your name. So, really, the subject line of your email should just be your name.

"...submissions should include the poet’s name in the subject line of the e-mail and as the title of the attached document."

Minor detail, maybe. But, it was a good excuse for me to introduce myself to you as a first time reader of your blog.



Poet Hound said...

Thanks for the correction! I must have misread it when trying to type up the post. Good luck on your submissions and thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Just a question- submission quidelines for The New Yorker state that no simultaneous submissions will be considered, however, six poems can be submitted at one time. How can one submit six poems without these being simultaneous?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think the simultaneous refers to submitting the same piece(s) to another publisher simultaneously with the submission to The New Yorker.

Anonymous said...

Re: the no simultaneous submissions, but they may not reply....

Oh, the grandiosity! How many months of your life must you piss away trying to divine if you've been rejected or not, and if you can in good conscience submit elsewhere so as not to break the no simultaneous submissions rule?

Since they hav a no-simultaneous-submissions rule, I see this refusal to hit a reply key and paste in a form rejection as a kind of godly arrogance. They have interns up the wazoo, and it would take about 30 seconds to let people know their work has been read and rejected.

It makes me want to send them every lousy poem I ever wrote, just to clog their pipes.

I mean, really...

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, they probably receive thousands of submissions a week. And they don't actually need your submission. They probably don't want it at all. They have gazillions of famous poets dying to be published by them. So, you might be the most talented poet on the face of the planet, and it wouldn't matter. This isn't fair, but it is what you should get used to if you want to write.

Most of us ignore their simultaneous submission policy, anyway. (And get published elsewhere, in literary journals.)

Michele said...

OK, so confused. Can you do this electronically or do you have to send a hard copy via snail mail?

Anonymous said...

New guidelines I just found on the New Yorker site:

We cannot accept submissions that are sent as attachments, so please send your work as part of the body of an e-mail. No more than one story or six poems should be submitted at one time. We prefer to receive no more than two submissions per writer per year, and generally cannot reply to more.

The New Yorker does not accept submissions by mail or by fax, and we cannot be responsible for the loss or return of unsolicited pieces. We do not consider simultaneous submissions or material that has been previously published.

We try to respond to all submissions, but, due to volume, we may take up to eight weeks to respond.

Anonymous said...

Anon 'Anonymous' said:..ignore the..(And get published elsewhere, in literary journals). WHICH ONES??

Anonymous said...

Will the New Yorker let you publish under a pseudonym? (If I provide my real name?)

Anonymous said...

Will the New Yorker let you publish under a pseudonym?