Thursday, June 11, 2009

Albatross Open Submissions

You can send between 3-5 poems, not exceeding 200 lines, with all of your contact information on each page via snail mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope included to the following address:

Editor Richard Smyth
2 South New Street
Bradford, MA 01835

You can also E-mail by pasting poems into the body of the e-mail with your name in the subject line and head your e-mail with your contact information to: rsmythATanabiosispressDOTorg

There are many more details included if you click on the link below:
Good luck to all of you who submit, please stop by tomorrow for more Poetry Tips…


Richard Smyth said...

Thanks for advertising ALBATROSS! I just got a submission from somebody who was directed from your blog. Many thanks. Take care.

Richard Smyth

Poet Hound said...

Happy to oblige, thanks for taking notice of my little blog, too.