Friday, May 29, 2009

Poetry Tips: Rediscoveries

Are there any particularly interesting collections or anthologies of poems that few would know about? A friend of mine handed me her Victoria’s Secret collection of poetry books and I had no idea they had made anthologies! It features hard-backed books with romantic scenes from famous painters inside, the book is scented and has its own slipcover box. It’s pretty, girly, and fascinating!

I tried looking through my books but there is nothing particularly interesting to “rediscover” because everything I have is still available at the book-store or on-line through the small press sites.

How about you? Do you have interesting collections in your own “archives?” If so, share your findings in the comments section so that we may be on the lookout at our nearest used book store or library.

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naperville mom said...

Gogol in Rome, a poetry collection by Russian poet, Katia Kapovich.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

One out of print title I think is pretty interesting is one called "Pocket Poems." There is a new book out with this title but the one I'm referring to is edited by Paul Janecko, who has edited tons of anthologies of poetry for teens and kids. This one is, however, for everybody.

One unique thing about it is size: it's designed to fit in your back pocket, has a plastized cover that is a picture of a jean pocket. You can see a list of the poems here.

Here's a picture of the cover.

Poet Hound said...

Thanks Don and Naperville Mom! Isn't it amazing what treasures you can find?