Friday, May 15, 2009

Poetry Tips: Mixed Media

Poetry doesn’t have to be black and white by hand or on the computer, there are many ways to portray your words. Heck, you could even clip words out of magazine from a poem you’ve already written and send it off to an unsuspecting recipient. Forget letters from “Serial Killers” what about Serial Poets? You could also paint a portrait of what your poem is about, even if it is abstract. There is also turning your poem into music, what notes would portray the feel and meaning of the poem? If your poem has rhythm, could you play the drums to it? Play a flute, a harp, guitar, trumpet, anything behind it? Could you take a series of photographs that relate to the poem and arrange it into a pictorial poem?

Sometimes it is difficult to get away from the writer’s desk—take a break and try something new. Dive further into the unknown and see what you come up with. Good luck!

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Vivian said...

Hi Poet Hound, what a wonderful idea you have here! I just found your blog through a good poet, Dave's blog. You have really good ideas here but where are all the comments?
C'mon people....this hound is working hard!
I must return when I have more time to check out your older post.
Do you write poetry?
Mix media is a great idea and I've been fooling around with that idea for some time now. Last year I did a pictorial poem for Memorial day because I couldn't come up with words of impact for how I was feeling. Basically, I feel that most people don't even take a moment out to reflect why we celebrate that is not the kick off to is not a day to get great sales at the IS a day we realize that our freedom isn't free!

Great site.....would love to see more people participate, or do they? Perhaps I am missing something here.



Anonymous said...

Yo Viv,
You are so right. Great site. It has held me from my own poetry for 30 minutes. So worthwhile.
To the Poet Hound: I like the way poetry grabs you and makes you talk about its nuances. I appreciate the creative ideas you came up with to jazz the poetry and expand our creativity.

Poet Hound said...

Thanks ladies! The comments are typically few but I figure most of my posts are so short that most people don't feel a need to comment. Often I receive e-mails rather than comments on the blog in regards to a post. Thanks for stopping in, and yes, I write poetry but I spend more time on the blog and reading poetry.