Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raymond Sapienza's Political Prisoner

Raymond Sapienza’s collection, Political Prisoners, is part of the Pocket Protector Series from Alternating Current. Mr. Sapienza has the ability to create a rhythm in his poems while delivering his message in short and sweet lines which I am a fan of. Below are some of my favorites:


peace is not passive.
it will not descend in clouds
nor slip by in streams.
peace requires action of heart,
of mind, of limbs, and of will.

Who can argue with this poem? It is simplistic and wise.


as flies upon a carcass,
we jockey for a favored spot
to lay the eggs of our perspective,
of our particular political thought.

that our progeny might feast
upon the excremental woe,
the blood and sinew of fellow men,
descendent future to secure and bloat.

A rather importune argument for mankind but excellent nonetheless. These days with everyone so vehement in their political opinion I’d have to say this poem nails its message on the head.


daily sold in the marketplace
a price on our time determined.
a penny a thought, a dime an action,
a dollar if done in combination.

I like the rhythm and subtle end rhyme in this one, don’t you?

I will leave you with this one to ponder on your own:


anyone who watched old westerns
when they were young
knows about quicksand
and knows that the more you struggle
the faster you sink.

anyone who went to catholic school
knows that it works pretty much
the same way.

If you enjoy this small sample of poems, Political Prisoners is book #6 in the Pocket Protector Series and can be purchased for $3.00 from Propaganda Press and you will also receive a bonus chapbook from the archives! Please support the small press and remember that the poets published here receive royalties on their collections.

Thanks always for reading, please stop in tomorrow for more Poems Found by Poet Hound…


Anonymous said...

I have Ray's delightful and insightful mini book.

a fav of mine is...


Those who earnestly search for peace, should they but over their shoulder glance,
may find it has spread in their wake

Inspirational Ray!!

Poet Hound said...

I'm glad to meet a fan, thanks for sharing the poem, too!