Friday, March 6, 2009

Poetry Tips: Unexpected Places for Poetry

This is both a challenge to produce and a challenge to find. I can’t help but notice that some bathroom stalls will have some scrawled poem (often crass) by some unknown author in the stall. Other times there may be scrawled poetry on picnic tables, big boulders at public parks. I don’t advocate vandalizing anything but I do want you to notice poetry in unexpected places.

I also want to see if you can place poetry in unexpected places. Try posting a poem on the back of a cabinet door in the office kitchen/lounge. What about taping up a page of poetry in a bathroom stall instead of using permanent marker? How about writing a poem on origami paper, folding it up, and giving/sending it off to someone?

Also, note that next month is National Poetry Month. What better time to start gathering ideas for distributing poetry to the masses than now? Good luck to all who look for unexpected poetic finds and for all who place poetry in unexpected places.

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Anonymous said...

Are there any more places that you can find poetry in public places???