Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Review of Edgar Allen Poe by David Rosenthal

This week I have been saved by Mr. Rosenthal of the Baltimore Sun!

While I don’t have a review for this week, David Rosenthal of the Baltimore Sun found I had mentioned Edgar Allen Poe for readers timid in poetry and provided a link to his review in the Baltimore Sun about a new book Poe: A Life Cut Short by Peter Ackroyd for those of you who love to read and want to find out more about Edgar Allen Poe.

Also, David Rosenthal provides an excellent interview with Marilyn Robinson commemorating the 200th Anniversary Celebration of Edgar Allen Poe, also here at
The Baltimore Sun site. I love the emphasis on the words having an impact on Marilyn Robinson’s writing. Yes, Poe wrote great poems and stories but the words individually and aligned in sentences have such an impact that they make Ms. Robinson think about her own choice of individual words in her own writing.

Please click the links within the paragraphs to find out more.

Thanks for stopping by, I will have regular posts up next week...

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