Friday, January 2, 2009

Poetry Tips: A Year of Poetry

Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions and I have a proposal for all my readers out there. I’d like you to pick up a poetry book (library, book-store, internet, however you prefer to acquire poetry) and make sure you read an author you’ve never heard of before at least once a month for the entire year. You don’t have to like the author once you’ve finished, but you will have expanded your mind for trying to read outside your comfort zone.

My New Year’s Resolution for poetry is to try and gather even more people to my humble blog (particularly skeptical family and friends) to see if I can gain a bigger audience for poetry. I think poetry is worthwhile, it feeds the soul, it inspires, it can provide solace, joy, and so much more. I pledge to reduce hesitant people’s fear that poetry is “snobby” or “difficult” by keeping things simple here at Poet Hound and I hope some of you will join me by including your own reviews on your blogs and web-sites if you have them, or linking interesting poems for others to stumble onto.

I have to say that my Wednesday feature of Poems Found by Poet Hound is the most popular and I think that is wonderful because it is a constant introduction to countless types of poetry and poets in just the right sized dosage.

Happy New Year’s and please keep visiting! I wish all of you good fortune in life and in poetry…


BCT said...

I've enjoyed everything I've read over the last couple of months so am looking forward to the next year with all the stuff you produce!!!

Love the blog! x

Seizing Destiny said...

just did a blogsearch for poetry which turned you up, and,coincidentally, having been doing just as you suggest already since about a week ago when I came across the poems in my bf's NY Review(of books)...

Not only am I rediscovering reading poetry after a long hiatus, I have also begun to churn out a bit of my own, once more.
Since 1991 I have been "an occasional poet" while my focus has been more on visual art

looking forward to seeing more here...
my writers blog

visual art blog

Poet Hound said...

Dear BCT, Thanks for finding my blog useful and I wish you many fruitful blessings this year, including your writing and reading poetry.

Dear Seizing Destiny,
Very happy to hear that you are rediscovering poetry and I hope you will spread the love of poetry to more and more people as you go along. Many blessings upon you and your poetic endeavors this year.