Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rattle Open Submissions

I apologize for the delays in posts lately. For some reason when I get up in the morning the internet connection isn't working. Then when I get home my computer acts up in other ways so we'll see how long it takes me to break down and call the Geek Squad. In the meantime, back to our scheduled program:

Yes, they’re open year round and they feature a new poem every day at 5am according to their home page. Isn’t that wonderful? Be sure your contact information is on each page you send. You may send up to 6 poems, but no simultaneous submissions, to: submissionsATrattleDOTcom
or to:
RATTLE12411 Ventura Blvd.Studio City, CA 91604

For further details go to the submissions link below and explore their site to see what kinds of poems they publish and any applicable tributes that are related to your kind of poetry:

Good luck to all who submit, please drop in tomorrow for more Poetry Tips…

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