Friday, October 17, 2008

Poetry Tips: Poetic Hazards

The idea of superstition crosses my mind with Halloween approaching and the ever-popular black cat winding its way across lawns, over door-steps, and pumpkins smashed without provocation in nearby neighborhoods. This week I dare you to write a superstitious poem or a poem about the hazards in your life to date. Perhaps there’s a construction site in which you fear an I-beam will be dropped on unsuspecting victims, or maybe that a black cat will bring you bad luck. Whatever the case may be, this week’s idea is about the hazards and superstitions a poet or his friends and family may have.
Good luck and have fun to all those who try it.

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Talia said...

Hey, it worked for Edgar Allan Poe.

Poet Hound said...

Yes, indeed. Perhaps it will work just as well for us. One can hope!