Friday, October 31, 2008

Poetry Tips: Happy Halloween

Instead of trying to write poems, I dare you to read some. Find all the poets you know who write about spooky events, ghosts, etc. such as Poe and Dickinson and see if you can sneak in lines while you’re out at Halloween parties or trick-or-treating with the kids. Give yourself 5 points every time someone recognizes who you are quoting and see how many points you can win yourself at the end of Halloween night. Think classic words or lines such as “Nevermore” or “Because I could not stop for death…”

Have a Happy Halloween and see you Monday after you’ve recovered from your sugary hang-overs…


Talia said...

Great advice! Have a nice weekend, Po Dog. ;)

SarahJane said...

"hist wist little ghostthings"

or something like that

Poet Hound said...

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend, did you take your family trick-or-treating?
Ms. Sarahjane, where does that particular line come from? It's a wonderful line