Friday, August 1, 2008

Poetry Tips: Poetic Post-Card Swap

Talia Reed’s comment last week about a willingness to swap poetic post-cards now has me wondering if others of you would be so willing to swap with me or each other! So if any of you are interested and have made/will make any poetic post-cards (see last week’s Poetry Tips for reference) then post your e-mail address in the comments section as a way for others to contact you about swapping. I’ll e-mail everyone who posts their e-mail as well and offer up a poem of mine that has been a favorite for those who have received it so far among my family and friends—a cheerful poem titled “Dandelion.” If I am able to, I’ll take a snapshot of the poetic post-cards received and upload it in place of the larger Poet Hound picture that comes at the ends of the posts. Let the Poetic Post-Card Swap begin!

Thanks for dropping in, please stop by on Sunday for the first edition of a new feature titled Sunday Search, where there are poetic puzzles/questions to solve with answers provided the following Sunday along with new puzzles and questions. Let me know what you think of the new feature!


Frances said...

Poetic puzzles and questions - sounds brilliant. But I have to wait a full week for the answer? Doh!

Talia said...

I'll play again if anyone wants to...taliareed (at) hotmail (dot) com

Poet Hound said...

Yes, you'll have to wait a week for answers but it won't be so bad.
I'm eagerly awaiting Talia's post-card and mine is on its way to her.
Hope more of you out there give the idea a go, take care!

Poet Hound said...

P.S. I'm willing to pay a little extra postage for any overseas poets wanting to give this a try!