Friday, July 25, 2008

Poetry Tips: Poetic Post-Cards

I’ve seen some presses who are selling post-cards of poems and thought why not make some of my own? So long as you have card stock or something sturdier than a sheet of regular paper, you should be able to cute a sheet of paper down to postcard size. For example, you could find a short poem you’ve written, place it in a word document and copy it four times (use the columns feature to make it easier) and print then cut into fourths, and Ta-Da! You have just made four poetic post-cards to send to family and friends or fans of your poems.

I just made some up myself and ordered .27 cent stamps from because a small post-card only costs .27 cents to send. Isn’t that marvelous? Have fun, and remember that anyone can read your post cards as they go through the mail so you may drum up some new fans unexpectedly. Again, isn’t that marvelous?

I’ve decided to send some sample bundles to a few family members to get their insight into the idea since it could be used as a holiday gift-giving project. Good luck to those of you who try it out!

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Crafty Green Poet said...

Its a great idea, I've done it a few times, using 100% recycled materials and added in a bit of collage.

Talia said...


If anyone wants to swap poetry postcards, I'll play along.

Jim Murdoch said...

It's a nice idea but I think postcards lend themselves to some form of haiga. I'm not saying words on their own wouldn't work but care would need to be taken with the right font. A few years back someone put up a few posters in the Glasgow underground which were just words. If anything because they were in a place which is full of advertising imagery they actually stood out more.

Poet Hound said...

Wow, I'm so happy that this garnered a response. Talia, I would love to swap poetic post-cards with you, just shoot me an e-mail. Jim, I noticed I had trouble with my ink smearing on the post-cards, but so far I haven't thought about font--that's a good way to be more creative. And Ms. Crafty Green Poet, you wouldn't happen to have any samples of your post cards on your site by chance? Or be willing to do a swap?