Thursday, July 3, 2008

Frog Pond Open Submissions

Open submissions for Fall Issue end August 1st so be sure to get your submissions in soon! This journal specializes in haiku, senryu, haibun, and similar.

You may click on the link below or read the entire submission guidelines directly pulled from the site provided after the link:

1. Submissions from both members and non-members of HSA are welcome
2. Submissions must be original, unpublished work that is not being considered elsewhere
3. Submissions by e-mail are preferred:
(a) they must be in the body of the e-mail (no attachments) (b) they must have the following subject line: Frogpond Submission
4. Submissions by post will receive a reply only if included are either:
(a) a self-addressed stamped envelope (with a Canadian stamp), or(b) a self-addressed envelope with one International Reply Coupon (IRC) for up to 30 grams; two IRCs for over 30 and up to 50 grams
5. Only one submission per issue will be considered

The Submission May Include Any or All of the Following
1. Up to ten (10) haiku and/or senryu2. Up to three (3) haibun 3. Up to three (3) rengay or other short sequences4. One (1) renku or other long sequence5. One (1) essay6. One (1) book review

Submission Periods
1. February 15 to April 15 (Spring/Summer Issue)2. June 01 to August 01 (Fall Issue)3. September 15 to November 15 (Winter Issue)

Submission Addresses:
George Swede, Editor Box 279, Station PToronto, ON M5S 2S8Canada

Good luck on your submissions, may the muse be with you. Thanks for dropping in, I won’t be posting tomorrow because I will be getting up very early to do more volunteer work before the craziness of the holiday begins. See you Monday!

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