Friday, June 20, 2008

Poetry TIps Burn-Out I ask You Round 2

I haven’t acquired enough responses to post the answers one at a time so I’m posting these questions again in hopes that more folks will reply to these:

When/how do you know you are starting to feel burnt-out?

How do you navigate around obstacles which crowd out your abilities to focus on poetry in the day-to day?

How do you combat poetic burn-out specifically?

Finally, how do you know when you’ve conquered burn-out?

I will feature these questions one at a time each Friday once I get a satisfactory number of responses (at least five people) so I hope you will all take the time to e-mail me your answers at and please type the words Burn Out in your subject line so that I know you aren’t Spam. Thank you!

Thanks always for dropping in and participating, I look forward to meeting again Monday for another featured site…


Anonymous said...

I usually know when burnout is close because I press to hard trying...for me a break if only for a day or two and go do something else I enjoy seems to help

tara said...

I've been intending to take some time to answer these questions thoughtfully...but have been feeling a bit burned out myself. Hoping I'll get over it and get something to you by Friday!

Poet Hound said...

Thanks for your responses. If you are able to e-mail by Friday that would be great, otherwise I may have to post everything at once on just one Friday due to few participants. Nice to know others are experiencing burn-out as well so I don't feel so guilty.