Friday, June 13, 2008

Poetry Tips: The Break-Up Poem

This idea came from a friend who just went through a terrible break-up and it was reminded me of the painful break-up I had before my husband came along. You don’t have to have the fresh raw wound to recall the hurt from a bad break-up and there is no competing for the emotion involved in poems that talk about bad break-ups. Pour your hearts out into a poem addressing any of the fools who broke your heart or are breaking your heart. Cathartic, creative, and satisfying with a bowl of ice cream, no?

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Dave King said...

I think the result would be more therapy than poetry. The poetry would maybe come later, when the emotion no longer got in the way, but could be recalled "in tranquility". That's how it would be for me, at any rate.

Poet Hound said...

You could be right, however my best works always came from being in-the-moment. It just depends on the person.