Friday, May 9, 2008

Poetry Tips: Mother's Day

Surely, you knew this was coming? In other words, write a poem about your mother, or write a poem for your mother. In fact, it doesn’t have to be your mother per se, but anyone you’ve looked up to for guidance. So for Mother’s Day I ask you to write a tribute poem to the woman you admire most in your life and send/give it to her for Mother’s Day. Sounds simple enough, but if you are like me, many times those turn out to be cheesy poems. So I wish you luck and eloquence, may the muse be with you!

Thanks for dropping in, please stop by again on Monday…


Talia said...

Or write a hearty-achy, angsty, psychoanalysing poem about your crazy mother....but don't give it to her for Mother's Day.


Poet Hound said...

That also would be cathartic, wouldn't it? ;)