Friday, April 11, 2008

Poetry Tips: Random Acts of Kindness

I stumbled onto some Random Acts of Kindness and wondered if it was possible to do random acts of kindness through poetry? So I figured why not create a “thank you poem” to all of you for reading my blog and challenge you to create random acts of kindness through poetry. Pass on thank you poems of your own, or give a random person a free poem that inspires you, or even a broadside, chapbook, book, something related to Poetry. After all, April is Poetry Month and why not double the “wonderfulness” of it by turning towards Random Acts of Kindness through Poetry?

Thank You Blog Readers

I thank you for your insight,
wisdom and comments,
trials and hindsight corrections.
I thank you for
poems sent sailing to the floor
which end up published with high scores.

I wish you happiness, health,
an ever-present muse
and a poetic rendezvous
of thanking the poets
who inspire you.

Thank you blog readers and contributors! May the muse be with you and may you inspire everyone you meet with poetry…

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