Thursday, March 27, 2008

Frogpond Open Submissions

For those of you who love to write haiku and other eastern forms, the submissions period is open until April 15th. Frogpond is published 3 times per year, and I copy and pasted some of the details:

The Submission May Include Any or All of the Following
1. Up to ten (10) haiku and/or senryu2. Up to three (3) haibun 3. Up to three (3) rengay or other short sequences4. One (1) renku or other long sequence5. One (1) essay6. One (1) book review
Submission Periods
1. February 15 to April 15 (Spring/Summer Issue)2. June 01 to August 01 (Fall Issue)3. September 15 to November 15 (Winter Issue)
Submission Addresses:
George Swede, Editor Box 279, Station PToronto, ON M5S 2S8Canada
Please use the link below to be absolutely sure you have everything correct.

Thanks for dropping in, please stop by for more Poetry Tips from the audience!

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