Thursday, November 1, 2007

ALBATROSS Open for Submissions

I am so happy to feature ALBATROSS for open submissions because while you can easily download and read the magazine at your leisure for free, I was able to find the printed hard copy version at a local indie book-store and it is much easier to curl up in a chair and read with a book rather than a laptop. They consistently feature great collections of poems that flow nicely together. Some journals have poems that differ from each other so much that I have a hard time moving from one poem to the next with ease. ALBATROSS issues always flow and ease you into each successive poem and all of them are superb. I never regret spending time reading each of the issues.

ALBATROSS requests 3 to 5 poems not to exceed 200 lines each, no simultaneous submissions, a biography and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE). For further information about their press and guidelines go to:

Good luck with your submissions, and please stop by tomorrow for more Poetry Tips.


Arlene said...

hi! just discovered your blog and wanted to say that i love it. the sub infos are terrific. thank you so much for sharing them!!

i'm going to have a field month going through your archives.


p.s. love the photo!

Poet Hound said...

Thank you so much Arlene! I hope you'll stop by regularly.