Sunday, September 9, 2007

Poet Hound's Daily Regimen

To those of you who read this blog, I'd like to let you in on how I figure out what to place in the blog each day. Think of Poet Hound as being a professor of Poetry 101, it's very basic in describing terminology, types of poems, and clueing you in to useful places, awesome poets, and so on. Here is essentially the basic format (which will vary from time to time):

Sundays: Devoted to Poets who are living writers. This way you will be supporting poetry in the now, and can still write letters to those poets who inspire you the most.

Mondays: Cool web-sites involving poetry.

Tuesdays: Anything goes. Could be news, could be a magazine, could be personal blogging. You'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesdays: A poem by Poet Hound. These are most likely rough drafts, poems that have already gotten published, or poems that may not ever be sent out to get published.

Thursdays: This is essentially another "anything goes" day, though I try to devote it to definitions of basic terminology in poetry and what all you can do within your community in your pursuit of the written word.

Fridays: Poetry How-To and Tips, such as how to write a certain kind of poem, how to get on a publisher's radar, how to expand your imagination when writing.

Saturdays: I was hoping to make this day a "contest" day for others to post poems, so please feel free to do so. I will happily post other people's poems that I like on the "comments" section, otherwise it is pretty much an "anything goes" day. There are several of those "anything goes" days which I hope to turn into something more steady and productive as I become more familiar with blogging. You see, I've never done it before. Perhaps you've noticed? :-)

That's the basic format. And now my next post will be about a living poet!

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